Smart Standing Desk standing desk STANDING DESK BENEFITS

Ergonomic Comparison Of Standing vs. Sitting Desks

Many studies over the last decade concluded that sitting for too long begins more additional disability as we age, increases the chance of developing diabetes and heart disease, and could shorten lifespans.

The number of muscles we use for standing is higher than sitting, so standing surely burns more calories than sitting. This could lead us to less risk of obesity because you’re burning more calories standing than sitting.

Too Much Sitting  Is Unhealthy For Your Health

Women, Harvard researchers observed that the more time we spent sitting at work, driving, browsing mobile, or watching TV, the greater our risk of dying from heart disease, cancer, or strokes.

There are a lot of risks to prefer to remain at a sitting desk during your workday. Sitting is the new health equivalent of smoking, and more people are spending prolonged hours sitting in front of their office workstations.

What Is So Wrong With Sitting At your Workstation?

Sitting desks have shown a lower early death risk. The research found that when people reduced their sitting time to just two or three hours a day, their life expectancy increased.

It is additionally reported that ovarian, lung, and endometrial cancer also showed a strong connection to prolonged sitting, so standing can help to reduce this risk.

There are some benefits of using a standing desk or sit-to-stand desk instead of sitting at your regular desk all day.

Sitting for elongated periods can be damaging to the spine, so standing is better. Maintained contracture of the intestinal and hamstring muscles are two circumstances that can arise from sitting at your desk the whole day.

When this happens, the mechanics of the lower back are imbalanced. Standing desk Reduces this imbalance and helps manage better spinal alignment and muscle symmetry by using a sit-stand desk even for your workday division.

How Does a Standing Desk Can Help Enhance Your Health & Wellness?

If you want to fix your sitting and standing posture and lessen eye strain, a standing desk is a smart choice. Standing leads to a more reliable position and a stronger focus.

Your spine falls into a “C” shape from craning your neck toward your monitor when you remain at a sitting desk for hours. Stretching your spine repairs the natural “S” shape to your backbone, which comes with standing at work.

Using a smart standing desk helps your blood circulation freely and gives more oxygen to your muscles, so you feel better, longer. Standing at work gives you more energy.

When you stand, this removes some stress on internal organs, which allows everything to function properly. This means that you’re likely to be ready to focus longer on each task, with the increased energy from standing up.

If you give just two hours of your workday working while standing, you can burn an additional 340 calories a day. Working at a sitting desk all day can reduce the range of movement for all your muscle groups, whereas working at an adjustable-height sit-stand desk can increase flexibility.